Friendsgiving Sweet Potatoes

Friendsgiving Sweet Potatoes

Despite often burning the simplest things, toast included, I happen to really love cooking. Well… cooking is a loose term. In my head, I love cooking, but I often find myself losing patience in the kitchen after about 40 minutes. My family can vouch for half-made peppermint cacao date balls that I attempted in high school.


Anyway, in an effort to embrace the holiday spirit, my friends decided to have “Friendsgiving.” In our senior year, now that we’ve finally be freed from the confinements of college dorm rooms, we took advantage of our kitchens.


We started talking about what we’d all cook, but I was bombarded with thoughts about what I could cook.


Turkey? No way; I’ve already been greeted by too many firemen this year. I’d rather not see my house in flames.


Veggies? Hmm… I want to challenge myself a little more.


Stuffing? If a gluten-free person can’t pick while cooking, that’s no fun.


Mashed sweet potatoes it is. Gluten-free, delicious to pick on and a relatively short time in the kitchen. Perfect!


After the sweet potatoes were scrubbed clean (very important) I baked them in the oven until soft.


Live hot potato was about to commence.


Once the fireballs cooled down enough to touch, I peeled them and threw them into a big bowl.


I added a few spoon-fulls of vegan butter, brown sugar, salt, pepper and squeezed an orange into the mix. I mixed everything and poured thick, orange mash into a casserole dish. I lined rows of marshmallows along the top and stuck it in the oven until the top was perfectly brown.


While I’m thankful for family and friends this Thanksgiving, I’m also thankful I didn’t burn-down the kitchen. My dish was a hit.


I’m not sure what my next dish will be, but I think I’m ready to experiment a little more as a chef. Though, I’ll be sure to have the fire department on speed dial just in case.



-       4 large sweet potatoes

-       3 tbsp vegan butter

-       ½ cup brown sugar

-       Salt and pepper

-       1 squeezed large orange 

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